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March 20, 2012


The SJ Dream Team is a little offbeat – groovy even – and consists of my perfect storm of practitioners and experts.  Try not to judge my woo woo-woosensibilities, as those who know me also know they have served me well!


When I was 18 my stepfather had an astrologer come to the house to read his chart.  My stepdad seemed to think the only reason he knew as much as he did was the person who referred him must have told him everything.  I, on the other hand, was just plain curious and there began my lifelong relationship with Ken Bresee.  Ken is a gentle soul with a gift for interpreting the stars whose genuine care and love can be heard in every word.   Ken works from his home in Taos, and will record and send a CD to you anywhere in the world.  Contact him by email at

Gahl Sasson is a spiritual teacher who teaches workshops around the globe on Kabbalah, mythology, and astrology.  He is the author of two books, a frequent television and radio guest, and an overall brainiac and hottie.  We met 10 years ago when I took his class ‘A Wish Can Change Your Life,’ which was the basis for his book of the same name, now in its fifth printing.  I see Gahl for private readings and I have a special connection with his Tarot deck.  Subscribe to his very smart newsletter, take a workshop, read his books, or schedule your own reading.  You can find Gahl at and see when he’s coming to your city or country.

My Aries brain (and Gemini Moon) are always on overdrive and I’m constantly in my head.  Meditation should be part of my daily practice, but alas it isn’t always.  Tanda Tashjian is a psychotherapist, astrologer and teacher of meditation in the Buddhist tradition.  She taught me how to calm my mind and just be still.  Check out one of her intensive meditation workshops or join a weekly class in her home in L.A.

Several years ago, I was driving past The Kabbalah Centre and saw they were having an open house.  Being open to everything, I thought I’d check it out and I popped in on veteran Kabbalist and teacher to the stars, Eitan Yardeni (yes, he is Madonna’s teacher), giving a lecture.  I signed up for classes on the spot and have been learning the teachings of Kabbalah ever since.  Not as woo woo as some of you may think, the basic tenant of this ancient wisdom is ‘love thy neighbor as thyself.’  Imagine if we could all master that!  Check out Kabbalah classes online or visit a Centre near you.

I’ll be highlighting other members of my Dream Team in upcoming posts on Style Compass.  Stay tuned!


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