Astrology is a map that describes your journey through life. Important people, relationships and experiences are reflected in your astrology chart. Astrology helps guide you to understand your relationships and experiences within the context of your life.

We Offer Three Different Charts

Natal Chart

The natal chart describes the fated themes and important issues in your life. The chart covers what you experienced  in early life with the family and how it impacts your professional, romantic, and spiritual life. The natal chart helps you understand who you are and where you are going.

Progressed Chart

The progressed chart features a description of the astrological cycles that influence you for the next 6 months in an intensive reading or for the next year in an overall yearly reading. This chart describe the energies in terms of what could manifest in your professional, romantic and inner life.

Relationship Chart

The relationship chart or synastry involves looking at the relationship between two people in terms of the fated and personal issues that may arise in a romantic, familial or professional association.


Astrology Charts are $340.
The reading is approximately 90 minutes and you are welcome to record the
Skype, Facetime/phone and Zoom readings are available.
The fee for a one hour Q & A astrology session is $225.
Q & A sessions are available for specific questions about the chart and any
particular issue you want to focus on. An additional half hour is $115.

*Gift Certificates Available*



Meditation helps you align with the conscious, subconscious
and superconscious self. In meditation you go past the part of you that is stuck or in pain or wants
to know more. Meditation helps you to cope with and learn from life.
Meditation also assists the spiritual student who wants to go deeper.

One Hour Private Meditation

Sessions can focus on a particular problem or question. Private sessions help to
better understand your inner and outer life experiences. Private meditation sessions help rebalance the challenges that come from relationships and life events.


 The fee for a private mediation session is $225 per hour.
Available on Skype, Facetime/phone and Zoom.


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