Within Your Reach

Healing the Self with Astrology,
Psychology and Meditation.

Tanda Tashjian

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You can make your life what you think you want, yet when you find yourself on a more conscious path, you might discover what it is you really want. Moving forward spiritually from the heart helps your family and children and anyone else your life touches.

Excerpt from Within Your Reach

A Note From Tanda

About Tanda

Tanda Tashjian is a psychologist with an MFT certification. She has a BA from Antioch College in Art and Communication, MFA from NYU in cinema studies and film, and an MA in psychology from Antioch College. She worked as a freelance photographer for Rolling Stone, as assistant at MGM and Tristar and head of development at New World for Martha Coolidge on Real Genius, Rambling Rose and assorted tv projects. She continues to work as an astrologer since she was 19years old to the present. Additionally, she has studied Chinese Buddhist meditation and teaches weekly classes in Los Angeles for the last 30 years. She writes a bi monthly astrology newsletter and a subscription newsletter that has a loyal following and is available at Tandaastrology.com She lives in Los Angeles with her two cats.


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